The guys out grazing.

We love our guys.
Seriously.  If I could have a barn full of bucks I would.

My buck choices are based on the next breeding season, and the next five breeding seasons. I like having bucks that cross well on each other, the satisfaction of beautiful kids with two or three of my bucks in their pedigree is unique. 

Driveway breeding is available for does with recent CAE/CL negative test results. 

Tule Creek Fritz the Fearless 03/07/2016
AT1827406 ADGAGenetics

Sire: Welbian-Farm’s Mr Mad Concept
Dam:  M’s Sagebrush Laur Raisha

Fritz was chosen based on his genetics and dam’s udder.
I’ve bred him to both of my LM does and my Togg doe; his kids have surpassed by expectations.  The wethers have lovely dispositions, and his daughters’ udders are what I was aiming for when crossing him on their dams.  
Pictures are of Fritz as a 4 yo, and his first freshening LM/Togg daughter, and his yearling Togg doe kids.

Argonne’s S Hephaestus 04/11/2017
L001858692 adgagenetics

Sire: M’s Sagebrush zz Salvador
Dam: SGCH argonne’s iris 2*M

What can I say?  Festus is another case of seeing a doe, looking at her son’s pedigree, and saying yes. 
There’s so much to talk about with Festus.  His dam Iris is a powerhouse doe, who has proven to be a cornerstone of the Argonne’s breeding program.  His paternal granddam, M’s Sagebrush Voss Oprah was a sight to behold.  In 2017 I met her at the Pima county fair and was an instant fan.  Festus has one daughter who has freshened in my herd, Piper.  Her FF udder is all I could hope for. He added width, and stronger attachments.  His grandsons out of Piper have the size and willing dispositions he gave Piper. 
Pictures are of Hephaestus, and Piper’s udder 30 days fresh.

DF Farms JDS General Patton  3/25/2014

Sire: MCH Creek Road Jefferson Davis (AGS)

Dam: DF Farms CA Wonder Woman
Patton came to us from Bev and Bill and DF Farms in Buckeye, AZ. I was so pleased with a JD daughter, ArouraB, who was my first doe, that I wanted a son from Jefferson Davis. There are many things to say about this guy, from the loving personality he passes on, to the tightened udders and extended lactations of his freshened daughters.