For Sale

Looking for a caprine or canine to add to your current operation or to begin your journey?
While most kiddings take place in the spring, we breed year-round to maintain a consistent milk supply. Sometimes, milkers or bred does will be available throughout the year to keep the herd manageable.
LGD litters aren’t on a set schedule.
Prices listed include delivery into Prescott, and within 25 miles of the Skull Valley General Store. We’re happy to work with a reputable transporter with the buyer responsible for all associated costs.



Doe Kids

Cabra Pequena Moonshine Bubba 2/28/20 $375
Moonshine is the puppy dog of this year’s kid crop. If you’ve perused the farm’s FB page, you’ve come across her shenanigans. Her dam, Relia, lives up to my expectations for a first freshener with a solid will to keep milking. Even in 100F+ temps with her Toggness not happy AT ALL. Moonshine does have one scur. She is registered with ADGA, and will come with her registration paper.
Pictures are of Moonshine, Relia’s udder in May, and her sire, Bubba.

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